License is already activated for another website

The author does not respond to the ticket in the link shortening script

The problem appears during activation

License is already activated for another website

Is there a solution without deleting and installing it again even though I updated and have the same problem?

It sounds like the item has been activated on another domain and you would need a new purchase code

Is it the first activation or the second? When did you contact the author?

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I sent a message to the author the day before yesterday and he did not respond.

Even if it was installed on a second domain, it belongs to me and the first domain was deleted

Most of the authors are not active at the weekend as well as it may take up to 5 working days to get a respond.

Apart from that, Envato license is clean about how you use it ( 1 license = 1 domain / end-product ) and it’s not transferable

Even if you own both of the domains, you cannot change the end-product once the item is activated/enabled. My suggestion would be don’t wait for the author respond and purchase a new copy for your new project.