Can i use my license in new website when the old one is not active ?


I bought userpro plugin on 2016, but after I used it (activated), i decided to close my website, so I don’t use this plugin anymore.

I’m currently creating a new website, using wordpress, and want to use this plugin again. When I want to activate this plugin, I get this message,

You have entered an invalid purchase code or the Envato API could be down at the moment.

Maybe because this purchase code I’ve used before. Then I contacted the userpro team and got an answer like this,

We do not have control over envato licenses and activation is happening through envato API. So in this case we can not deactivate old one and then activate new one.

I tried to find themforest customer service, only found this forum.

What should I do so I can activate this plugin on my new website ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @manchestermania,

you will not be able to use the same purchase code in more than one website.
So, you have to deactivate the license from the old website then you will be able to use the license for the new website.

for solving purchase code or item license issue will need to get support from the item author. They (author) are the right team to help. you can contact item author through item comments page or author profile page or best option is through item support page.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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