Problems activating ARMEMBER

I bought the ARMember license 1 year ago, I activated it for a store that didn’t work, but I forgot to deactivate it, now it no longer exists and I don’t have how to access it, I want to activate it on my new website and it tells me that the license is activated on such an address, I need to know how I can deactivate it first because as I indicated, I have no way to access it and it will be impossible, is there any way to deactivate it, I have bought this add-on and I cannot use it, I need help.

In most cases, one license is for one website. When you change the website, you need to purchase another license. But some authors are offering “free” activation changes depending on their own choices. You could contact the item author for the support but at some point, at least you may need to renew the support.

What, if the one website is not existing anymore?
The system tells me, that I can activate it on the new website (life-long license!), but need to deactivate it on the other. But there is no access anymore. The domain was released and another one registered it afterwards.

Contact the item author for the help. It’s their decision to disable the previous activation or not.
Bear in mind, they can ask you to purchase a new copy - or extend the support.

There is no chance to get in touch. via facebook they don’t reply. The Ticket-System doesn’t know any of my email addresses if I try to login. If I try to register new, the system says, that the purchase code is already used. Yes, I know, by me … I cannot get in touch with them in any way they offer. That sucks a lot. :frowning: