License Information for Themes not located in Downloads

I’ve downloaded Aagan theme in Envato Elements. I added a license for the project. I went to the themeforest link and under downloads and the product isn’t even listed. I only have one flyer listed there, no website theme. How do I find the licensing information?

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Envato Elements items do not come with purchase or license codes because there is no support, updates or premium functionality like auto-updates, and in some cases demo content

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Then what is the “Add a License” element there?

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In the theme admin?

It’s the same item as if you bought the full copy from Themeforest, so the functionality for that is there and it will still work without needing to register/activate things.

You just can’t add a license to unlock those extra features

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Well, I’m having a problem with an element, but I can’t access the forum for the element without the license. See the problem?

The plugin is designthemes core features

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Unfortunately there is no support with Elements downloads (hence no license needed/included).

@designthemes area power elite author so it’s unlikely that there is anything wrong with their code. You can either:

  1. Purchase the full copy from ThemeForest
  2. You coud email the author directly and see if they are willing to look into it (login and form bottom right)
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