License for icons

I plan to make an item for codecanyon that will include custom icons.
These icons are made by my friend and they are on sale in the stocks now.
He gives me the right to include this icons in download.
But should he give me some kind of license or something else that I should show the reviewer?

No, the reviewer will trust that you have the rights to the icons. Just put in the comments upon submission that you’re allowed to sell them.

I’d recommend getting a license for your own peace of mind. You never know what might happen further down the road. What if it’s the next Avada, and you run over his dog or accidently blow up his house… and the next thing he’s like “actually… I want 50% of your sales.”

Yes, you will want an agreement, but you don’t need to provide the license to the reviewer.

Absolutely. Otherwise, they might be making a spiritual successor to the movie ‘The Social Network’ called ‘The Wordpress Theme’.