Can I use Flaticon vector icons, under CC 3.0 license?

Hi, um … I’ve already done a thread on this topic for another resource, hope I’m not heavy. What happens is that as I already explained in my previous thread, I am about to finish my first project after 3 years for Codecanyon, but the legal issues are quite overwhelming.

I have been checking that some icons that I have used from Flaticon are under the CC 3.0 license and also under the official license of the same platform. These allow me to use these icons with some restrictions, but clearly in both licenses granted they allow me to make commercial use of them with attribution, it is something that I have been doing, make my attribution section and put there all the resources used that needed attribution, their respective license and some other things that must be fulfilled. However, to clear up any doubts, I have contacted Flaticon support and I completely crashed, my spirits have dropped as they told me the following:

Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

We regret to inform you that our usage policies do not allow this use of our resources, as it would be considered redistribution of our resources.

To ensure that you use our resources responsibly, you can view our Terms of Use below:

(Here is the terms of use of the platform, I removed it because I have been seeing that it is not allowed to place links to the competition)

Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day,

The Flaticon Team

Although the licenses granted on the same platform, and some by the same authors with official Flaticon licenses allow me to make commercial use of them, they come up with this, I have tried to contact again letting them know all this, but they do not give an answer, here is my problem. So, what I need is that they advise me on this subject, since I do not want to make mistakes and infringe any copyright, what do I do?

  1. Replace all icons with others? If so, where can I find icons that I can use for my CodeCanyon project?
  2. Do I use them in the same way?
  3. I pray for a miracle to happen?

Here I will leave you an example of two icons that I have used and their respective licenses are on the author’s name on the same page.

Icon 1: Thumbs up hand symbol - Free gestures icons (You can search for it in google as is, I do not place the link because I have seen that it is not allowed to place links to the competition)
License: CC 3.0
Author: Dave Gandy

Icon 2: Cancel - Free signs icons (You can search for it in google as is, I do not place the link because I have seen that it is not allowed to place links to the competition)
License: Oficial de flaticon
Author: Becris

I look forward to your responses, and thank you very much in advance.

Edited: I add the following.

Could it be that I am misinterpreting the true use of what they are trying to tell me on the platform itself and licenses granted by Flaticon and authors?

Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution.

If so, please let me know to replace these icons even if it adds more time to the project, I don’t have much knowledge about licenses, although I have read them and it is still not clear to me, why the support response. Anyway, I am attentive to your answers, thank you very much.

check the license term. you have to keep respect of their license terms.
According to CC 3.0 license it is required that you must have to give icon author attribution where you will use icon.

Oh, I understand, thank you very much for answering, so no matter what support has told me I just have to see the license, that’s fine. Another thing, the icons with MIT license as I comply with this license in the part that says:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

exactly how do I do this? Where should I keep this license notice since there are many icons.

as I said check their license term and there website you will get how to give attribution.

Oh I understand, thank you very much mgscoder