License activation limits policy of Envato?

I’ve been on Envato a long time and purchased many things and never heard this or saw it in any written policy: an author told me their theme was limited to 5 activations? So for example, I use staging to do changes. To load the site to stage, I need to deactivate production, activate stage and once my changes are done, bring the changes and the license back to production and reactivate there. If I do this 2 twice that means I have no more activations. They said this is Envato policy? Or is this author specific, and if so, shouldn’t that be listed on the sales page so people can be informed of (something that is “hidden” and makes the theme useless to me at least the way I do this). Oh, and shouldn’t every license include the ability to run the theme on any “localhost” or “staging” subdomain? thanks

It’s understandable at some point you need activation on “staging” website and some of themes are being automatically activated on staging subdomains… If you activate the staging website and ready for live, you can request for domain changes and most of the authors are offering it for free.

But when the website is ready ( live ) and if you still need a staging website, you may need to purchase another copy according to the Envato license terms - you can only use the item once on one active website. If the author is refusing or limiting the use of the activation, there’s nothing you can do.

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yeah, “nothing you can do” - except for never buy from that author (ThemeRex). I agree it’s up to each company to decide their terms of doing business, but Envanto should have a policy to make these kinds of specifics prominent on the listing, since I’d never buy a theme that only allows for 5 activations and demands this kind of activation/deactivation routine for using local host. Thanks for your comment.

This is all wrong.

There is nothing in the license terms that restricts the number of activations or simultaneous installations. Rather, usage is restricted to “a single end product.”

A live website, and the staging website for it, are both the same end product. You are within your rights to install the theme on both. Without limitation. Even if you want to reinstall 1000 times.

oh my bad, I said, it was ThemeRex, but I was wrong, it’s Ancora themes, the Anesta theme. this (5 activation) limit is on their website and was sent by their tech support when I opened a ticket with them. Like I said, how people do business is up to them as long as it is within the Envato policy, but I think this is a material fact that shouldn’t be hidden or buried in fine print, because, since I use staging I’d never buy a theme with 5 activations. So if anyone from Envato reads this, please standardize the policy or if it’s up to the theme dev, then please at least require this kind of thing to be stated clearly. Thanks for your comment.

I guess Ancora themes is ThemeRex or is supported by ThemeRex? the support link from:

goes to:

There’s nothing to standardize. As I mentioned, this is a nonexistent restriction. The license terms do not limit the number of activations. There is no “fine print” which imposes any sort of restriction like this.

ThemeForest authors are not allowed to consider “localhost” or clear staging/development/testing websites (e.g. as “activations” and hold your license hostage like this.

You’re encouraged to contact Envato Support for potential mediation but unfortunately I question whether they’ll show the will to enforce their license terms. Still, you have the full legal ground here.

thanks Bailey, appreciate your ideas.