Licence switch for Bridge

Hi there,
I installed Bridge on my wordpress website as a trial with one of my previous licence just to see if it fits with my design and I now want to publish it with a new licence. Where can I change the licence number? I can’t find it anywhere on my backoffice or even in the file on my ftp server. I have the envato toolkit plugin but it just offers me to update the theme and not change the licence…
Thank you for your help!

Hello :smiley:

I’m sure the author @QODE can help you out. Here is their support information -

Thanks for the quick answer!
I saw a similar topic on their support forum where they redirected the inquirer towards envato :wink: That’s why I asked here first. But I will ask them then!

Just in case: is there anyway to know which theme installation is linked to which licence? I bought a few from Bridge already and I’m beginning to wonder which of my licence is linked to wich website… And I didn’t find the answer yet.


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