Wordpress theme Bridge license for same domain

Hi, I am interested to buy Bridge theme just for my personal use and not for resell. I have several questions:

  1. May I know if the following is considered a single-application? Does the license cover it or do i have to buy the bridge theme twice?

www.example.com/blog --> my own blog using one of the template designA within Bridge
www.example.com/portfolio --> my own artwork portfolio using another template designB within Bridge
photography.example.com --> showing my photography works using another template designC within Bridge

  1. Could i still customize the colours, font style, or buttons within the chosen theme?


Another separate technical question is:
If i help a friend make a website, and buy the Envate wordpress templates and use my own server to customize it. How do i transfer it to my friend’s domain when her site needs to launch the site on her domain? How do i activate the license on her domain and transfer the whole site to her server?

Thanks so much. I love this theme so much.

If you use WordPress network, you don’t need to purchase the theme again for the folders ( /blog and /portfolio ) as you can use the same installation and change the Permalinks for that or use .htaccess to manage it but for the subdomain, you need to purchase the theme again.

You should create a new account to transfer the license ( username/password for the Envato account ) so when they need to update the theme or get some support, they should be able to do it on their own.

If you purchase the theme on your account, you can still give away the purchase code but they won’t be able to update the theme automatically if you don’t share the API details. If you share your API details, they will access all of the items you have purchased

Thanks so much for your reply. That’s good news! I am all ready to make my purchase! I will search on how to change the permalinks too. Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile: