Wordpress Bridge Theme - how can I check if my copy is legal?

I hired a contractor to set up a WordPress website for me. He decided to use bridge but I want to ask a question on the Qode forum and need a purchase code to do it.

The contractor is saying he purchased a “multi-domain” license for the theme and so is reluctant to give me the purchase code. Is this possible? I thought it was $59 per domain and that’s it?

Also strange is that I don’t have the plugin Bridge Core

How can I check if my copy of bridge is legit?

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envato don’t have multi-domian license. for each individual domain have to purchase individual license. to get theme bundle plugin you will need to activate the theme license.

you can ask your query directly to theme author:


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Your contractor is lying. There is no such thing as multi-domain license. Just buy your own license and cut ties with that guy. Not a type of developer you want to work with.

BTW, you should always buy the licenses for your projects yourself. You can always just send files to the developer if needed. You won’t get any support and access to updates without a license.

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I agree with you. However in this case the brief was just to make a WordPress website look like the specifications given. The developer decided on his own to use Bridge as the base. Still, as you say, ties are now cut!

The theme comes with “Extended License” option so he may actually purchased it at 2950$. In this case, he may not share the “Extended license” with you.

I understand. Well, if he was legit and knew his stuff he would have told you that you have to buy the license yourself. Anyway, hope you will find someone more reliable to work with in the future. Another tell-tale sign to look for when working with WP contractors is that any at least decent WP guy will use a child theme to set up a WP site, because he understands how important that is. Good luck!

Extended License doesn’t grant you a multi-domain use.

I’m referring to this:

The project was for you and it’s your website so you have the rights to see everything related to that project, regardless of the dev choosing to use Bridge.

Besides - having purchased it, rather than have you buy it, prevents you from having access to the downloads and support which you should be entitled to.

Yes - he made a child theme. First thing I checked when he started work. But I didn’t check that the WP Theme was a free one or not so in some senses … my bad!