Licence for shop background music


My client wants to play background music for over 20 stores. Is a standard music licence for each shop enough?



Hello @LionKingonline

you can check more details about standard license here

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Hi, thanks for the link I read that. Im positive the standard licence is enough. Just want an Envato representative to give me a green light and Im good to go.

Hello @LionKingonline

Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


Unless I’m mistaken, the license terms do not address uses in live context, such as background music for stores or restaurants. You would have to contact support indeed to have this point clarified.

But, in all logic, as the broadcast licenses do not apply here, the standard license is indeed the one you’d need. One license for each store.

specific direct playback uses, which are background music for one event, venue or location

Its not a performance. It doesnt gain revenue from customers. Its just background music. If Im using it as a product in a concert it makes sense. You walk into a store, experience music but buy nothing get out. its free for the customers.

Its not counted as broadcast since its not for TV or online distribution.

Im posting here hopefully someone with experience or the staff itself will reply first. Because support tickets takes a lot of time to get thru.


I keep forgetting they added that part, my bad. So, there’s no issue here. You can indeed use it that way. The standard license is indeed the one you want.

Staff won’t answer you here, as they are not experts on licenses (their words, not mine). Only through support will you get an official answer.

If the composer is registered with a PRO and the shop doesn’t have the license, there could be trouble ahead.
I don’t know much about it and where in the world the problems happen, but in the UK most shops/cafes pay PRS a license to play music.
Somebody with more knowledge can probably chip in with more info or also tell me I’m completely wrong.

If the music is PRO registered and publicly performed then royalties will be collected by PROs, whether there is a valid Audiojungle license or not. AJ license is not a waiver, performance royalties always have to be paid.

This type of usage may indeed require paying performance royalties.