Need help for right licence

Hi budies,

a potential customer who starts a business as a speaker for telephone queue, answering machines etc.
asked me which licence he needs to purchase if he will sell the spoken text with my music in backround to his customer.

I told him I reckon a single standard licence for each work. Is that right?
And how is it if there’s a track he would need more often? Can he purchase a higher license for multiple use?

Thanks very much for your help in advance.

Cheers, Udo :v:

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Interesting topic Udo, I would go with a Broadcast & Film License :yum: But I don’t know about the topic so I’ll stick around to see other answers.

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Gracias, MeGusta!

Nobody knows! :joy:

Hello Udo,

Interesting case indeed. My guess is Standard license for each work should be fine in most cases. But it would depend on the final use of the music.

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Thanks very much my friend. As I wrote, the final use will be, that the end-consumer (his customer) will have it as background music on his telephone queue text.
With other words, the buyer speaks the text for his customer’s answering machine with my music on it.

Maybe I should ask to help desk. I promised my customer to tell him the correct needed licence. And those customer deserve it! :wink:

EDIT: OK, I sent the request. Will keep you informed as soon as I get answer.

Please do, would love to know Envato’s take on this.