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Hi there,
I was wondering what type of license should I purchase for using the track as a shopping mall background music?


Hi @jlsheat23

Good question, I´m not sure about this but you can ask support here:

Or maybe the more experienced authors @PurpleFogSound or @RedOctopus can help you if they are stopping by the forum.

Good luck!

@PurpleFogSound must know, wait for a response from him. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will ask the support, thank you Mojo!

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Thanks! Will wait for the reply!

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Hi everybody,

Jason, you want to get the Music Standard License for using the track as background music at a mall, as per article 2(b) of the license.

Also, please note that, as this would be a public performance, performance royalties may be due and collected, if the music is P.R.O registered. The shopping mall owner would be responsible for paying those.

Hope it helps!

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