What music license suits for events and public places

Hi my friends, I sometimes have clients which want to license music for events, for example they prepare a presentation for a convention or similar. Others want to use music in a video which is meant to be shown within a workshop (which clients are charged for). One could also think of people who want to use AudioJungle music for background music in a restaurant to bypass ASCAP fees.

So which audio license type should I use for those?

Any ideas? :-/

The licenses just do not cover live events. They could even be interpreted as prohibiting such uses, as the music cannot be used as is, but has to be a part of something bigger in scope. So playing AJ tracks as background music in a restaurant would go against the license terms.

Well then I would suggest to add such a license asap :slight_smile:

I remember the time when AJ still had the licenses similar to ThemeForest with standard and extended, where the ladder was for products that clients are charged for.

With the current licenses there is a gap that should be filled.

This is from the Music Standard License page. Quite not sure what this means, but I have a feeling that this is related to @BaumannMusic’s question?

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You’re totally right, my bad. I don’t know how I missed it…

So yeah @BaumannMusic, you can dismiss my ill informed previous post, sorry about that.

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A little bit off-topic post. I just realized that some people might think of me as a person who loves correcting other people and showing them they’re wrong. No I’m not, I just wasn’t sure and wanted to know what that was for. Sorry if I seemed that way.

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OK, so the standard license would be the way to go but requires a new licence for each event.

Example: last year I was looking for music to be played in a demonstration car. So the client would have to buy 100 standard licences when presenting the car on 100 tour stops :slight_smile:

Well even in case they could afford, I think this is a bit cumbersome. Would be nice to have a license for public or event playback that is not limited to one event.

And in case of a restaurant … what do you count a single event? Each day the doors are open?

They didn’t go deep into the details of such usage of music, and I can’t find similar topics in the forums. So I can’t give you guaranteed 100% correct answers.

Maybe they mean by “location” that a restaurant needs just one license (?). And a license for every day doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Best thing to do would be contacting the Help Team. And if you’re going to do so, please let me know what they say.