Less sells in the USA in 2018

Hi! I’ve always sold a lot of tracks to USA customers (the 70% of my sells). But this year I almost don’t sell any track to this USA customers. Only wanted know if it is a casuality or if it is because of some new law that affects the Envato Market in the United States. Does somebody has experimented something similar? Thanks!

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I’ve noticed something similar. June has been my best month in quite a while, but no sales to the USA. Could be a coincidence, though.

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Last year the USA made up about 25% of my total sales, and so far this year it makes up 33%. Still my biggest country by far.

70% to almost nothing sounds very extreme. Are these from actual calculations from your sales figures or are you just guessing these numbers on feeling?

Most of my buyers still came from USA. Nothing really changed, every month USA was still on number 1 in term of sales.

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You’re right. Didn’t noticed that there are more countries than the top country list. It is 70% if I only count these countries of the list, but with the toal of countries USA is like 30%-40%. Anyway I see it strange that this hear it is only like 5%-10%. This month only one USA sale, and I’ve made a good month :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So it will be a casuality. Thanks

I guess it is a casuality on my case. Thanks!