Where does your buyers come from?

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would care to share data on where their buyers come from?

You can find this data in Home / My Account / Earingns - Your Top Countries (table on the right hand side).

You don’t have to share your earnings from the table, but some calculated percentage for a first few countries would be nice.

Further more - considering the new US taxes obligation, it would be great if you could at least share a percentage of your buyers coming from US - I’m sure it would be helpful to many :slightly_smiling:


Following :slight_smile:

Only 3 sales this year, Israel, Canada, and Austria. No US sales yet but fingers crossed for next week!

hi, about the same as before envato moved , so around 2/3 of sales from USA

I get about 40% from US sales, although they’re definitely the biggest income source by far. The UK comes in at second place, with about six times less sales than the US.

50% of buyers are always USA


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Envato started collecting region data only from February 2015.

So here are my percentages for the period February 2015 - JANUARY 2016:


Great insights so far! It does fit together with my assumptions about global sales.
Anyone else is free to post their insights, and toughts as well!

The more, the merrier :slightly_smiling:

United States
United Kingdom

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Germany