Legal action from taking inspiration from a website

Hi Everyone, I have a little question about themeforest items.
I am building a theme and I’m following a design from a famous website. For the sake of example let’s say I love youtube and I’m building the design same as youtube just changing UI elements in some way.
After I developed it lets say I name it some name like ‘videoTube’ . As the color theme and design would be matching with youtube and the name will be same as youtube as well, would it be legal?
The name will be same as youtube just intentionally to let buyers know that website’s inspiration is taken from youtube

I think you can take inspiration from any website but you can’t copy to others. Also you must have to respect copyright, you can’t violate any copyright. About naming you can check Name & Description.

If it resembles another site too much then it almost certainly won’t be approved for sale here.

If it’s a private project then the details would depend on the site it copies

Bottom line it’s not a good idea, best practice and potentially illegal

Yeah, I know about copyright thing for sure and copying isn’t legal as well but I was curious about the similar design. Thanks anyways !

Okay I understand. But what about the functionality? Suppose a item which is not very similar to a website but the functionalities and modules are copied (From copied I meant built) ? Suppose I built a website very similar to envato which has all modules same as envato such as dashboard, item listing sections, forums, blogs etc but the design is different?

If the design is different and the code is original (again depends on the site/code/design inueston) - copyeright is not only about what osmehting looksl ike.

If you create completely original, uniqie looking and coded marketplace etc. then that;s probably fien - noone can copyright or mnopolise digital marketpalces, video hosting etc. hence why there are already many different ones out there

Thanks @charlie4282 Its completely clear now ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot