Inspiration VS Copyright infringement

So scenario.
I see an html template online.
I decide to build a similar template from scratch with a different css framework.
I then build a wordpress theme on top of this.

Am i infringing on the owner’s copyright?

i know there are lots of grey lines regards this. I just want to be sure i am not infringing on anyone’s

You better open a ticket support to envato and someone will clarify your situation .

Cheers :wink: !

I believe you can’t have a patent / copyright on a context / idea. If you are not actually copying any of the source code itself but actually create something similar from scratch, you should be on clear waters. For example Apple Store is filled with games that are basically copies of each other, only graphics, general quality and flow of gameplay varies a bit and no lawsuits are being thrown around as long as actual copying is not being done. However if you mimic the original down to minute details it will cause bad blood and make your work feel “tainted”, so it should be always your goal to actually improve / make your own twist on the work you are inspired on.

Of course you should contact Envato and ask their official take on where they draw the line, because marketplaces can have their own limits.

Videohive is full of similar items or even items you can’t tell the differences between them, however, it’s Videohive, so it may not be the same as Themeforest.
But being unique is much better for you, authors and Envato.

All marketplaces are full of guys who copy each other or who copy themselves from one work to the other lol, thus I tend to believe , to answer your question , that as long as do your own thing and not a carbon copy of something else made by someone else, that should be ok