Copied item

I want to ask author that sell themes on envato if the they encounter such situation and if yes what did they do and what is their advice.

Basically one competitor copied some portions from one of our themes and create a new product (that also has success :slight_smile: ). I don’t want to reveal the product names but here are some partial screencaptures to see ,my point
original , , copy ,

That screencaptures are a from a membership script we developed from scratch and is only found in our product. Is NOT another implementation of a free to use script. At the first look they change the name of variables and button ids and use it as it is. The whole system seems to be a exact replica of our custom script.

I’m preparing a email to envato but i’m not too optimistic.And i know that any DMCA must be followed by a lawsuit which is almost impossible to do. Any advice ? Should i waste my time looking for any piece of code they may copy ?

Does the "item too similar " rule is not in place anymore ?



If your item concept is same as yours and its newer than your script and reply on same Envato platform then Yes you can take any legal action on that author.

Contact envato for that and without prior DMCA notice [i.e because item rely on same platform envato] you can perform action on that author. But do so please collect all the information where you can prove that you are the real developer for that script [i.e script idea].
OR take a look at


Where you in the similar situation ? Did you take legal actions ? We are doing ok but not i don’t think we can afford to trow money on lawyers + we are on different countries so i don’t know how we can get a lawyer in USA (that company/person is in USA we are in different countries in Europe).

DMCA What is mean there is no required any Physical person/lawyer to handle this situation. You can do without lawyer. Contact envato support about this.