Possible Duplicate Theme

Hello… I’m new Author to Envato… but I’m not new to envato being here since 2011

I want to post my first Theme; but i’m concerned about other authors copying my theme as its unique and full layed out. Does Envato have a system in place to stop Theme duplication / plagiarism

It wouldn’t be possible to entirely block this happening bit of you have shared a demo here or submitted the item and have had it approved then you can submit a DMCA

For reference almost every stock theme ends up on wares sites eventually - this is not exclusive to envato and is almost impossible to prevent happening.

I wouldn’t worry too much about people stealing your item - if you have genuinely created something ground breaking unique and premium then you have achieved something that nearly no other author has despite the expertise in the marketplace.

I suggest you share a demo here - that way people can offer feedback and you have a record of it so people cannot steal the design or code.

ok thank you for the quick response. I’ll do more research. Is obfuscating allowed when submitting themes or code to Envato?

No it’s not allowed and to be honest that will only limit things so much if someone wants to get past it.

If you want to sell on stock marketplaces then unfortunately you have to accept the downsides. If you get hung up on that (wrong though of course it is) then you will go mad with frustration.

Your best option is to release consistent updates and value adds that prevent any malicious use being up to date