Layslider Plugin

I recently purchased the “Bridge” theme for a site. After I installed the theme a notification came up to install the Layerslider plugin, I installed it and message came up about updating it in the future. I clicked on it and it asked that I put in a license certificate from my CodeCanyon account and the second part says that the plugin came with the them and would automatically update if I purchased it from Code Canyon. Do I still need to make the purchase to update or will I get the update automatically because I purchased the theme from Envato?

The plugin doesn’t come with a license because it was part of a theme, to get plugin updates you can either:

  • wait for the theme author to update the plugin via the theme updates
  • buy an extra license just for the plugin so you get the plugin updates quicker

Unfortunately it’s one of the drawbacks to buying a theme bundled with plugins, I personally think buyers should be able to buy a separate license for the plugin instead of them being bundled within a theme.

Thanks for the clarification.

The plugin doesn’t come with a license because it is part of a theme . You have new version when the author will update theme.