License fee when installing the LayerSlider plugin

I am paying a developer to modify my WordPress site which uses a free theme acquired from outside of the Envato Market. The developer has purchased a LayerSlider license from CodeCanyon and wishes to install the LayerSlider plugin on my site. Am I permitted to use LayerSlider on my site without purchasing a LayerSlider license key?

If the developer is not using it elsewhere and does not use it on another site in the future then you can but it’s one license for each website so they need to be willing to give it up to yours.

It might be advisable to buy your own copy so that you have access to updates etc. in the future which you will not if it was purchased under someone else’s account

Thank you for your quick reply.

@charlie4282 - sorry to bother you again, but it appears that I have inaccurately conveyed the details of the LayerSlider plugin that the developer intends to install on my website. The developer who wishes to install the LayerSlider plugin on my website purchased the Avada Theme which came bundled with LayerSlider. Since the Avada Theme license includes unlimited free distributions, is the developer permitted to separate LayerSlider from the Avada Theme and install it on my site (which does not include the Avada Theme) without purchasing a new license key (Avada Theme license, LayerSlider license or other license)?

Absolutely not

Bundled plugins may only be used with the theme which it comes with (aside from anything the version may well be modified for that theme specifically), and if they have registered the theme/plugin previously then it wouldn’t work properly anyway.

Plus you are “paying a developer…” therefore it’s not free distribution.

If the developer is using it on multiple sites then they would be in breach of their license.

Thank you again for your quick and crystal clear response.

Because of the discussion above, I gave my developer a hard time about the LayerSlider license and insisted that he “purchase” a regular license which he did. Now, I find that an unbundled LayerSlider plugin is a free download here: [link removed]. Forgive my ignorance, but what’s the difference between the free LayerSlider plugin download at [link removed] and the LayerSlider plugin that comes bundled in themes?

The link that you shared is from an illegal warez site - that’s the las file you would want to be downloading.

The difference between the full version of the plugin and those bundled with themes is simply that bundled versions need to be updated by the theme author as individual buyers do not get independent licenses