Layer Slider 6

Hello Envato community. I have a question that may already be addressed. I purchased the outstanding Avada theme product in Sept 2017 with my purchase code/token. l believe l have the Layer Slider that l’m able to use. The question is did l need to purchase the Layer Slider 6 too? I really love the benefits 6 has to offer.
Can someone guide me in the right direction in this matter please?

Muchly appreciated! :smiley:


Hey @whistler20ten,

If you’re wanting to have the most updated version of a bundled item, you can either wait until the author (in this case- @ThemeFusion) decides to update Avada with the latest version of LayerSlider (as they’re the ones who have a copy of the licence) or you can purchase a copy of the LayerSlider licence outright from @kreatura.

Honestly, having your own copy of a licence of a plugin you use consistently is always a good idea. It means you’ve got the security of being able to install updates as quickly as the plugin author rolls them out. You also get support of the author.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Matthew! I appreciate very much your response to my enquiry. I’ll
likely purchase the Kreatura license as you suggest. Cheers and Happy and
safe holidays to you and our entire Envato community.

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