Layers Child Theme W3 validation / ThemeCheck

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OK - not knocking Layers at all! Think its a great idea for building themes quickly, but just had a quick question. On the last stages of my theme. As the title says - its a child theme using Layers.

Just had a quick question however (apologies if this is answered elsewhere but couldn’t find it).

So going through and ironing out and issues that are appearing on both and ThemeCheck before submission. However, finding that most of the errors/warnings are things that are coming from Layers Parent theme - which I’m not really meant to touch obviously.

So the question is - will my theme get rejected / marked down for something outside my control or are ThemeForest aware?

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Anyone? Any opinions/help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

If validation errors are from Layers then just write the reviewer, they should consider your submission with validation errors

OK will find a way to do that. Thanks wow_themes! Excited to be submitting my first theme! :slightly_smiling:

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