Latest version of Photoshop CC

I have bought the Watercolor action. I have Photoshop CC 20.0.6. I have looked at the 2017 video and read the instructions. I can understand what is meant, but the demo is of a slightly different version of Photoshop (not improved by placing titles over the cursor actions). When I try to run the action I get errors - even though I have created a “profactions” layer and ensured the image is RGB 8 bit. Do you have instructions for Photoshop CC 2019?

nb I can see at least one of the things going wrong. I start off with the bottom layer named “Background”. The Action starts and after a few steps tries to select Background. However, somewhere just before this Background disappears and is replaced by “Layer 0” and “Layer 0 copy”. Because “Background” has disappeared I get the message "The command ‘Select’ is not currently available.