Last item approval was 24 days ago and very poor sale on the last month

I really like to know…How many of you are in the same situation as me :frowning: ???

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Your last Item approval is controlled by you :smile:

The latest queue time is about 14 days.


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how many rejections you got?

10 item rejected :frowning:

yes …but 10 tracks are rejected … i really dont know why …

Ah, I see. Didn’t realize that…hope it turns around for you!


Have you created a ticket to ask? It’s almost a huge number :open_mouth:

I hope so… in the last discussion… your suggestions are so helpful for me…and 5 track are approved after that and I get 2 sale on the same day. :slight_smile: … now I cant figure out where is the mistake… because rejected tracks are now other famous site for sale …

No… Could I?..Thanks… I really don’t know about that … One more thing here … 4 rejected tracks are approved in other famous site for sale …so I really surprised…its really frustrating for me … still there is a hope …may be my recent work is not suitable for audio jungle :(… keep try and try :slight_smile: