My last track takes more than 10 days to approve

Uploaded a new track 10 days ago and is not yet approved. It is not normal

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Has it happened to you?

Yes. We have this thread here and this page to keep everyone informed about review queue length.

A while ago in 4 days it was already reviewed. Now how long does it take

10-11 days.

Today is the 10 days. I hope see may track tomorrow… maybe

Uploaded track 12 days ago and is not yet approved.

The same story.

To wait a fortnight to hear that your track is not suitable. This is not normal.

Hey guys.
Same situation here (9-11 days). It happend suddenly that the rewiev time has raised. My firts thought and I still believe 1 or 2 Envato Rewievers are temporary in holiday time.


Waiting uploaded track 13 days and is not yet approved. This is not normal!!

Some months ago was 33 days.