My music 15 days ago


It’s been 15 Days That I sent my instrumental song and is not rated yet . It is normal to wait for these times ?
Sorry my english use google traslate.

Regards to all


yes the wait time is very long.


Instrumentals are 15 days extra :wink:


I reached 20 days of waiting for my song.
I would understand if it is normal.
So I put the soul in peace and not think about it anymore.
Thanks to those who want to help me


Now check takes 27 days.


The queue goes up and down. Right now the queue is around 25-28 days. Don’t worry, it will get reviewed.


Hey @maxnegri

Don’t worry about your track in queue. Envato necessary review your music. But now try to make new items and submit it.



Ok thank you all! I will continue to upload new songs.
Greetings to all .