Hard rejected within a couple of hours.

Hello guys,

Yesterday something quite unusual happened to me. After having uploaded a track for review, I got it rejected in a matter of a couple of hours. However, according to the review times in the help center section, the review time for a track is around 11 days as of now.
Should I expect this to be a glitch in the system (and try to upload the track again) or the help center is simply not up to date with the actual review times?
I’m posting this because in fact the difference between 11 days and a couple of hours is huge.

That’s something rather odd happened. I heard about automatic rejected by bot/robot/program dunno how it calls right, but why and when this occurs i’m not sure.

Could it be a automated program that detects previous uploaded wav files and rejects them once it has found a match?

I think my sales have been rejected by the same automated process.

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Sales? Did you mean to write “tracks”?

What could be automatized? One thing I can think of is the overall dB level, maybe if it’s not high enough, the tracks get automatically rejected without the reviewer listening to it?

No - I really did mean sales.

He meant tracks, and therefore sales :sunglasses: