Landing page template to access two different websites.

Hello everyone,

I’ve bough a few templates through Envato Market and now I’m looking for one type in particular.

I need a landing page through which you can access two different websites. Basically I would like to be divided in two, and by clicking on the left side access one website, and by clicking on the right side access the other one.

I’ve been looking all day but I haven’t found anything.

Hope you can help me,


That style of splash page you won’t really find here encase it is too simple but potentially you could easily build it with most themes on here easily.

I thought about that. However, I think I could build it with a theme from here, as you say, but I would need a template with at least the header divided in two so I could work from that. Any suggestions? Or how can I look for something similar, the thing is I don’t really know the term to call that type of page. Is it Splash page, as you say?

Thank you for the quick response charlie4282, I really appreciate it!

I’d call it a splash page but I get what you mean. It kind of comes down to the themes you are using and the design layout you want etc.

There are some plugins on codecanyon but not sure either have the half half functionality. It really is not a difficult layout to code (esp if you are using a theme with visual composer etc)

Have you got a layout in mind? Which theme?

I’ve been looking around and I think and I can create what I want from scratch. I think for now that was helpful enough, I kinda needed the right term to look for what I wanted.

If I would need any extra help I would post again.

Thanks a lot charlie4282, you solved my doubts.