Wordpress theme that links to 2 different website pages

I’m looking for a theme that, on the landing page, it will have 2 main options, Commercial and residential, which would then go to their respective websites, so there would be essentially 2 websites in one website.


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Thank you very much

Hello, I’m the author of the Lingua Template

So what you want is to have something like this ?

Maybe add a logo at the top, and give you the option to set the gradient of the page or solid color or background image ??? is this something you are looking for ?

If yes, I can include this on the next update

Yes, exactly!

Ok, then, the next update Lingua(maybe next week) will have thes functionality.

Any theme and a tiny bit of CSS (if its not already an option in the theme settings to hide head/footer on a page) could do that

Off the top of my head enfold definitely does it as does Avada I think.

if you make a custom template with custom head and footer … then the page will load alot faster…

@sodasi_web that is very true

Just to be clear @tracy325 do you want just this front page or to build the whole site?

If it’s the later then honestly your best option is to find the right theme for the site generally as creating a page template like that or customising a page to suit it really is not that complicated and something you can hire someone cheaply to do if the author won’t do it as a favour.