Kid's music similar to Dr. Jean, in English and Spanish

Please, I need to find kids songs from Dr. Jean and from other authors in English and Spanish. All I find when I go to kids’ music is song tracks but no voice. What do I need to do to find these songs sung by singers/authors in the Audio jungle. This is huge!!
Thank you in advance for those who help me.

Hi. Here is one of my Kid’s music tracks with female vocals.

Thank you for your response but I need around 6 songs in English and Spanish. And I would like the 6 songs to be from the same author.



Here sure for English! For Spanish, I don’t know! I never listened here.

All the best

Hi Annia, Here’s a search link which will include other authors too:

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Spanish language songs here at AudioJungle, since Envato’s rules on lyrics don’t allow languages other than English except in certain circumstances.

Gotcha. I only have English. Good luck!