Is it profitable to put Music with full vocal (Spanish language) on AJ

Hi all,
I have nice sales on AJ, and I am happy, and they are all instrumental.
The question is: On September 1st, I will release a new album with my band Extático, it’s Latin Pop Music and the lead singer from Miami is awesome.

Do you have experencie here on AJ with full vocal, especially Latin vocal?
And how are your sales? Are there radiostations buying the music here on AJ, and does it effect you P.R.O. income?

A lot of questions, but with the new album Bailar, especially 2 songs, Ritmo and Latina, both full vocal edit, we think have gold in our hands and putting them on AJ might sell more songs. What do you think?

Is it wise to put the two songs now on AJ, before releasing the album? We think it might help with selling the album?

This is the promo on Youtube, the first two samples are Ritmo and Laina.

First of all make sure if it’s allowed to upload Spanish lyrics. Read article below.

They say Spanish is forbidden. But I would write to Envato and ask them if it’s up to date, because Spanish songs are very popular in English-culture market.

And about promo? Yes it can help, but IMHO only when your song will be a top seller. And I mean - really TOP. Chances are quite low, but yeah, why not.

Thanks RedOctopus,
This is helpful, and I will write to the helpdesk, because like you said, Spanish is popular, like Despacito.
I will give them the question