try to find best sound track for my project

here is my rough cut

what do suggest guys?

footage about 2 kids who share clothe & shoes between each other
and to encourage people to donate

Perfect music that suits the mood!

Hi, if I may, I suggest these few from my portfolio that sound like a good fit. Regards!


Hi @alaabar

So, I’m see here children and they are playing and dancing in video. So I think you need to share playful and encourage mood. So I could suggest you with the next tracks:

Hi @alaabar ! Check out this tracks

Hello, @alaabar
Here’s my 2 track.

(little bit experimental, good suitable for your timeline but i’m not sure abour the last part where “festival” )

It’s classical cinematic inspiring action track with beauty melody.

Best Wishes! Hope you can find what you looking :slight_smile:


Hi @alaabar these are my suggestions, hope it helps!



Hi @alaabar,maybe try this tracks

If you want to give an inspiring and emotional touch to your project, try this…

If you were looking for an upbeat vibe this track worked really well in a video featuring children produced by the U.K. charity Oxfam

Hi @alaabar, i suggest these music “Peace In The Middle East”, specially crafted for islamic video projects and trailers. Composition on this soundtrack are all working together to create a motivational and inspiring moment, suitable with your project. Hope it helps!