Kathy theme / fonts issue

I was wondering if you could help with an issue with “Kathy” WordPress theme made by UXBARN:

  • the preview from the Admin Panel looks totally different than online version,
  • typography of the main text, menu area, footer or title of the website has become bold and bigger on each page with no reason.

I have already checked other websites based on “Kathy” template and many of them have a similar problem. I can share screens from the Admin Panel preview and site if it would be helful.

Best greetings.

ki-themes , thanks but their support page seems to be frozen - only few answers latetly. Maybe you would be interested in to helping me with that small issue for a fee? It is a template buyed from themeforest.

Feel free to drop me an email to discuss details, if the budget is good enough, I’d be happy to help you to solve your problem.