how do you change the font on the text of karma theme?



Hi guys

How can I change the font of the performatted font so that the text on pages looks bigger and the font style I want?
I am not a web-designer so help in plain english would be very useful…

Thanks in advance.




It would be recommended that you contact the theme author instead of the Envato forums.

You will not find theme support here and through the author, they will support their product.

You can likely refer to their documentation for support, or use the Themeforest comments for that item.


I thought you were the theme author…I bought the theme and my account was created with you and I bought support which I believe was given through here…
How do I find the author of Karma theme?
Thank you and apologies.



Not sure why you would associate ‘me’ as the author, this is the first time we’ve ever communicated lol

You would find it through your Themeforest >> Downloads once logged in. Or just search it on Themeforest.

For the convenience purposes: