New font with conall ?

Hi all,

I m using the theme Conall and i want to use a Google font cairo.
I’ve changed the file style.css to take the new font files ( 5 files ttf, svg, woff, woff2 and eot)
But when i m selecting the Edge option menu, I can’t see my change

Help me please


Hello Chiki,

For specific support/help for a theme, please contact the author of the theme.
This is how you can contact an author on Envato Market:

All the best!

thks Hevada, but i’ve already buy the theme :frowning:

I know, the article from my link just explains how to directly contact the author of the theme, because he can help better than anyone since it is his theme :slight_smile:

it’ the first time i m using the envato site and it’s a quite difficult for me.
Can’t find the contact…

I’ve sent a comment has it told me … waiting :wink:

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