we are keep getting soft rejected wordpress theme

  1. WordPress trademark requires a correct spelling of the name, with a capitol P.

  2. By default, make requested fonts bigger.

in print screen showing title already bigger

we checked all theme files we did not found any WordPress name issue

please help us in this matter

Check documentation files also for wordpress spell issue

Thank yes i found in document and replaced

what about other issue can you help on that

only if you show your live preview I might be able to help and also check your options panel for the default font size if you are giving options to change font size and google fonts selection

Thank you for reply issue not present may be reviewer not delete cookies so i resubmitted lets wait for result :slight_smile:

final we approved first theme :slight_smile:

please advice for get more sale

thank you

I’d tidy up your big long image in the description. Too many colours, far too my fonts and a bit too much white space. I’d also go for a different logo, looks a bit cheap with the bevel alpha, the colour and the fonts.

I know these aren’t massive things, which can all be changed by the buyer, but when you have hundreds of real estate themes to choose from, first impressions count!

thank u for advice i will work with my designer to improve this