JS Plugin Needed - Build Your Own Product


I am in need of a script that will be a “Build Your Own [Product Name].” What I am looking for is similar to what I have seen on various car dealer websites that let you customize the car and when you add or change a feature, such as the car color, the photo changes also. My product is not cars and I believe this could be built allowing for customization for other products. All of the choices must be passed to a web form for submission to the site I am need this for.

The only requirements I have is that it MUST be client side only scripting and work in most browsers (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and preferable mobile browsers also.) Responsive design would be nice preferred.

Would anyone be interested in developing this type of a plugin for Code Canyon? Or if not for Code Canyon for the project I need it for?



Do not think this can be a generic JS plugins. As there are so many kinds of products. and each product has its own customizable parts.

I too am looking for a script like this or will have someone build me a custom one. Ideally, I’d like to be able for this to have it’s own admin.

I want one similar to this… http://www.jeep.com/hostc/bmo/CUJ201408/models.do

Their mobile version works well too. I’m not sure if is an entirely different script or just responsive using CSS.

By the way… I’m have 3D models of the products made for the one I am going to be using, so they look real, but colors, graphics, etc can be changed out digitally… without the position of the vehicle changing.

If you look really close at the vehicles on the Jeep site, I’m 99.99% sure they are not actual images of real cars.

Hey Lynda,

Did you have a look at http://codecanyon.net/item/mobile-case-design-and-personalized-for-opencart/6446229?ref=expertpro

I has all the features to customize and build your own product with your own name. Instead of mobile case you can use your own products and items and design theme using the same customization features.

However if you need any more feature I can also develop them for you.