Plugins & CMS for car dealer

Hello !
A customer came today to me for male a website.
I come to you towards more informations to know which CMS & Plugins to turn to me.

The demand:

  • A part showcase site to expose the cars (features, videos, photos …)
    The user will be able to see the car and we contact him to buy it (no online purchase for vehicles) and the latter can add options (put his logo on it for example) but in this case it is only on Of the estimate.
    It would then be necessary if the user chooses an option to have a contact button to a quote request page with the vehicle name and checkboxes so that he chooses what he wants.

  • A second part e-commerce to buy accessories.

Here is, I saw quite a plugin for quotes on WP but very can on prestashop …
Should I go on a wordpress website to showcase the vehicles and a prestashop for accessories?

Thank you for your help, I am taker of all information!

Sorry but your description is real mess. I don’t understand nothing what you want.