Javascript item review more than 6 days


Hi all,
I submitted a new Javascript item more than 6 days ago. According to this it should take about 2 days approximately. Should I resubmit it or just wait a bit? :slight_smile:



It shouldn’t take this long but I suggest you to wait a bit more


Yes, I also think that 6 days is too long for js item… Maybe there are too many items to review last time.


I don’t think so but we will never know


My first item was approved after 2 days only, but the second item is less lucky )) But I hope to get response soon.


Same issue with my latest item. Usually they reply after 2-3 days but it’s been one week already.

One Page portfolio Template (Resubmission)
Temporarily held for further review Read More
Submitted 7 days ago


I’ve found the following topic about this:

They say that it means that a reviewer has already checked the item but he needs more opinions from other reviewers.


I know what it means but usually it takes 1 or 2 days but it’s been 7 days already.
It’s one page HTML template, it shouldn’t take that long to decide


So it’s not just me, it looks like overall issue with review timing. It’s so hard to wait for the team response. I should find some tips how to stop waiting and just start working on another item.