Why is resubmission taking too long?

It is already upto 4 days now…

I seriously need an answer from a moderator atleast… Is there some 5-day holiday or something else?

Hello @HolluwaTosin360 ,

You need to check http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon for the time of review. :slight_smile:

and if their is shows more time then you need to wait until


This is the 5th day already :roll_eyes:

That page isn’t accurate, I have been waiting 11 days for a codecanyon submission.

There’s never been any supporting evidence to show that those pages aren’t accurate, it’s just that people see X days and they expect it to be X days. Unfortunately, the number of days it took to populate the figures on the page, have no relation to how long an item will take to get reviewed.

I should have worded that better, what I really meant to say is that it isn’t an accurate representation of the time you will have to wait to get reviewed.

I have also faced same problem. The pages shows 2 days but review time already been 6 days. But I do calm hehe :slight_smile:

I hope my item will be reviewed as soon as fast


Spot on!

It has been approved thanks!