Too long to review a submission for new item on Codecanyon

I see the avg time to review an item on Codecanyon is 7 days.

Why it’s too long for me. 14days now :frowning:

Right. It’s an average. As you can see below, it has been slowly increasing over the last few days:


Averages tend to increase when the actual review time is higher than the average. You’ll just have to wait until they get a chance to review your item, whenever that may be.

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@baileyherbert Thank you for your answer. I think I just can wait for now.

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It’s approved now after 15 days :smile:

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I have the same issue for my item submission.


Surprising thing is that in meantime, other authors get 3 item approval and I’m waiting for single approval.

See this portfolio items (specially check created date) -

How is it possible author got 3 items approval in past 14 days and not my single one? -

How do you feel after all this time of waiting, the reviews team are rejected your item without any explanation? :pensive:

Fortunately, all times my product is rejected, they always have the explanation. So I know how to fix it. Many times my item is rejected because of the lack of documentation.

By following all the rules of product, So why not explain to us?I sent a lot of products and they rejected it without any explanation, I do not know for myself why codecanyon has been like hell for me.:pensive:

Same problem here. They soft rejected my item, asking me to fix demo site. Now I have fixed the demo site and they hard rejected my item!!!

I got approval yesterday very early morning around 2 AM (GMT +05:30) and here is the link of that item,