CodeCanyon item is pending review for 24 days and counting. Is this normal?

I submitted a product for review 24 days ago and got no response yet. It is true that it says “Temporarily held for further review”, but according to their article, they say it should be up to 7 days for complex issues:

"Items that are held are usually resolved within a day or two, but occasionally an item may be held for a longer period (up to 7 days for a particularly complex issue)."
I have this “held for further review” status for more than 10 days, for sure.

My script is in JavaScript category, it is not complex like a theme, it is pretty simple. I have a similar product which got a price of 12$, so I think, the price of this project should be slighty higher.

I am currently testing the market to see if it’s worth spending time on developing for CodeCanyon and I feel like they forgot about my project.

Any ideas on this? Is there an email where can I contact them on this?

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This is not normal. We are also waiting to approve our item since 17 days. Last item that was approved in JavaScript category was " Optin - Responsive Bootstrap Pop Up Form " that was approved on 6 august, 2016 (9 days ago). Some thing is wrong with JavaScript category. Daily approved item on Codecanyon is 25+ but not a single JavaScript item since 6 august 2016.

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Our item has approved after 20 days. :grinning:

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Glad to hear that. Mine got soft rejected for some strict mode issue… It will be solved, not a big problem.
It was reviewed after about 26-28 days.