"Temporarily held for further review"

It’s been four days in this, what’s happening?


No worry about that some time it happen to me also.
Cause sometime reviewer change, review queue serial maintain etc
Hope your item review will come soon keep patience.


hi this means that they want to have a second thought about accepting your item or not, normally , so it will time a bit more time than the usual reviewing and u will get news from them shortly, i giess


This mean your Item is now reviewing by Another Team. In some cases, it can be held for a second opinion from a second reviewer. You will get the review result email soon.

You can check here:


this is already going to the 14th day and my product is still in this situation, since now many of my sales have started to be refunded, the user makes the payment, the codecanyon releases the product, the product is downloaded and then the same " "the card, I’m with products being sold out of the codecanyon by these same users and that’s it, it stays for this same :frowning:

This should be your reference

I’m tired of looking at this, it’s almost 20 days and nothing.


Unfortunally this information does not correspond to the facts.
For example, last update in the “HTML5-game” section was on 26th January. (not a bundle)
Sometimes it takes more then 2 weeks to wait for approving. As a result, a lot of games are approved at the same time and do not fit in one page.
Why approving in the “HTML5-game” section are made so rarely?


Exactly, this my product is already 28 days in this same situation and nothing is done, apparently it is not only me that I am facing this problem but several users

In that case please Contact Support and let them know. They will check and let you know exactly what is going there.