I've spent months building a DRM for my themes to offer 7 day trial for users, but Envato does not approve it!

So I’ve decided to build some sort of DRM system for my themes which allows me to offer a temporary license codes for potential customers to use and try my themes, I thought its a win win situation because it makes sure customers will have great experience with a theme and it will make them assured before spending their money on a theme. I’ve spent couple months building an infrastructure and updating all of my themes to allow that, and I’ve seen some great results, almost a 50% increase in sales, almost 90% of people who tried a theme decided to purchase it, but today I was contacted by Envato and they told me I am not allowed to do this. Why is that? It’s totally unfair, it improves customer satisfaction and increases sales for me and Envato, now I have to throw all my efforts into a trash can…

Did they purchase the theme via Envato or did you offer to sell the items directly? That’s the main issue, as I believe.
You can still use your system but not for the themes you’re selling at Envato.

By the way, how was it working? You were giving away the theme to try or you were using your server to let them to try?

They HAVE to purchase a theme from Themeforest. I see a significant increase in sales for the items I offer for a free trial and I was even able to increase prices for my theme because customers can be sure what they are paying for.