It's Envato's 11th Birthday!

The 7 most bittersweet things in life:

  1. Your first love.
  2. Too much pie.
  3. Seeing old friends.
  4. A rainy day…but then a rainbow.
  5. Lemons.
  6. The last episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix.
  7. Your final author fee-free day.

Every year we have celebrated our birthday by switching off author fees for 24 hours. This has become an Envato tradition that we have done since the very beginning of time and something very special to us all.

As we enter our 12th year, it’s important that we recognize how our company and community has evolved and as we continue to do so, we want to create some new traditions with you. Keep things fresh.

Instead of having only one day of celebrations, we have decided that this tradition can be put to better use by utilizing these resources to better support you - the authors - and your business, into the future. Some examples would be to invest in a larger marketing budget to attract more customers to the marketplace or to invest in more educational resources to help improve your selling skills.

So today, on our birthday - it’s bittersweet as we announce that this will be our final author fee-free day.

As we say goodbye to one of our longest traditions, we open the doors to many more going forward. Celebrate your accomplishments this past year with us and enjoy no author fees for one final time.

Starting from 4 pm AEST today (21st of August) and rolling until 4 pm AEST tomorrow (22nd of August) authors will pay no author fees on any sales they make during this time.

As always, don’t forget that all the usual Terms & Conditions still apply, so no self-purchasing, please.

Read more about our Envato journey on the blog and celebrate with us:



Congratulations Envato :princess:
Happy 11th birthday!

Congratulations, Envato! :birthday:

Happy Birthday

Congrats, Envato! Happy Birthday, good luck :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Envato! Good luck with sales :wink:

Happy Birthday Envato!:balloon:

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Happy Birthday, our Envato!!!:grinning:

Happy Birthday, Envato!!! :birthday:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Happy Birthday yayayay

Happy birthday Envato!

So this author-fee free tradition is going away, got it. But your explanation is not quite clear @saraharrowsmith.

You say it’s because the company as well as the community have evolved. But is there a particular reason pertaining to this evolution? Or do you simply not want to afford losing one day of author fees anymore?

Also, when you say this tradition will be put to better use to support us authors, do you mean these resources will be allocated to a specific author oriented program (that is yet to be defined)?

Anyway, cheers for this last author fee-free day!

PS: if this is Envato’s eleventh birthday, it means Envato is entering its 12th year, not 11th.

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Congrats Envato and Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Envato!!! :clinking_glasses:

Happy Birthday Envato!!! :slight_smile::clinking_glasses::beer::wine_glass:

Happy Birthday,Envato!! :grinning::sunglasses::gift::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:

Happy Birthday Envato! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Envato!!!

Happy Birthday, Envato!!!

Great Day! Happy Birthday Envato!
Best wishes and very much success for your business!