Envato's 10th Birthday: Author Fee Free Day!



Ten years on the planet is a pretty big deal and we’ve got a whole bunch of different activities on the go to celebrate, which you can read all about here.

Collis also had a birthday message to share with the community:

And of course…


Starting from 4pm AEST today (Tuesday the 23rd August) and rolling until 4pm AEST tomorrow (Wednesday the 24th of August) authors will receive no author fees on any sales they make.

PS- It kind of goes without saying, but our Ts&Cs still apply despite it being our birthday - so no self-purchasing please!

Happy Birthday Envato :ribbon:


Happy Birthday Envato :princess:

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Happy Birthday Envato!!! It’s a Great Date! Big Sales to all authors today!!! :wink:

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Many congratulations to you Envato and your gift to the community is awesome.

Great News, Congratulations and Many Thanks to Envato Team :smiley:

Great! Good luck to all the authors on NO FEE day! Long Live Envato!!

Yay, everybody, buy mine, now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great news and happy birthday!

Oh, someone please buy a Music Broadcast & Film license from me :smiley:

Its Envato!!! :slight_smile:
Many congratulations for your journey decade .

Great News! Happy Birthday Envato :tada::tada::tada:

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Wow, couldn’t be happier for Envato and for myself, my first WodPress item just released couple of hours ago and I start with this amazing gift!!! Awesome :gift: :confetti_ball:


Happy Birthday …

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Thanks a lot! Hope to get some sales during this 24h :smiley:

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Great News! Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Yay :party:

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Happy Birthday Envato :birthday:

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Happy birthday envato…may sales come for me today hehe

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Yeah! Thank you Envato!! So great present!! Happy birthday!!! :blush::gift::tada::champagne:

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Thats cool news! Happy Birthday, my favorite community!

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