A Birthday Poem



Originally published at: http://community.envato.com/birthday-poem/

Happy Birthday Envato!
We’re in our ninth year,
with community gifts
to spread birthday cheer :slight_smile:

For our Market authors,
a day of no author fees.
We hope it gives you a boost, but
no self purchasing please!

There are discounts for buyers
from stars on the rise
Today it’s a theme;
tomorrow, surprise!

From Tuts, two course bundles
for the creative and dev.
Learn wherever you are
from Kiel to Kiev.

There’s also a contest
for a new laptop case.
Snap your essentials
and jump into the race!

Finally on Studio,
30% off for the day!
Get a logo or copy
and blow your customers away.

Enjoy our ninth birthday
because next year we’re ten.
It’s going to be huge –
let the countdown begin!

Happy Birthday Envato!!!

🌟 A poem to celebrate the birthday

I don’t understand no author fees. I still see author fees for the sales I’ve made few minutes ago


also i don’t get the offer


Happy Birthday. Wish Your Great celebration.


Happy birthday envato!


All the best! many great years to come!


Happy birthday! : -)


Nice try, great poem :laughing:


Cool Poem! Happy Birthday, Envato! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


Happy birthday, Envato team! :birthday: :cocktail:


Happy Birthday Envato Fraternity :birthday: :birthday:


Happy Birthday, Envato!


Happy 9th birthday Envato ! :smiley:


Happy Birthday Envato! :smile:


Amazing poem! Congratulations! :smiley_cat:


Awesome! Happy Birthday!


Wow, its cool. Happy Birthday!


Happy NINTH Birthday! :gift: This only happens one time in your life, enjoy it! :sunglasses:


Happy BDay Envato :slight_smile:


Thanks you guys for sharing all knowledgement with us! Happy Birthday to all team, and for all users otherwise was not a community :smiley: Wando Prado