Item wants to buy a removed version of item, what to do?

Hi there
I’ve got a question regarding an item of mine.
About 2 month ago i’ve uploaded item with 2 versions, instrumental version and a song version (with vocals).
For a personal reasons i decided after one month to remove the version with the vocals and keep only the instrumental version.
a client that downloaded the preview vocal version want’s to buy it via audiojungle. is it okay for me to sell it to him directly now that the item is not on AJ ?
Thank you

yup, once you remove it from AJ you can do what you want with it as long as the item wasn’t uploaded with certain rules (some competitions you can’t delete the item for 2 years)

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Agree with @Gareth_Gillman!

We’ve worked with buyers from other authors on Themeforest where a product was eventually removed from Themeforest. We contacted that author and the author independently sold us the item as an off-site sale. This is permitted so long as you’re not selling an item that was (as mentioned before) defined by a group of specific rules forbidding it (ie., contests, tutorials, etc). Though when in doubt, contact Envato for more details.

Thank you Gareth + OWMLabs for the answers.
I’ve also double checked with Envato support, waiting for reply.

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Good luck!

hi, go on, just sell it … if u removed from AJ, then there are no right issues preventing u from selling